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Fleming Paul Usiomah

  • Fleming is the Chief Solutions Developer / CEO of Acesys Solutions. He is responsive the charting the vision of the company in terms of strategy and product features
Chief Solutions Developer / C.E.O.

Fleming Paul Usiomah is the founder, CEO of Acesys Solutions. He started Acesys Solutions as a one-man business and over the years is transforming the organization into an global software congromarate with interest in Research into computer vision technology

A graduate of Madonna University from the department of Computer Sciences, Fleming is a maverick who believes in sticking to his guns against all odd in order to accomplish a set objective.

As a developer, Fleming is proficient is several programming languages and development frameworks and has built application suites that cut across multiple stacks at once.

He is currently, within Acesys, leading a research in computer vision and its applications.

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